The Ruth and Edward Taubman Early Childhood Center has a developmental approach in which children’s play activities are viewed as precursors to the academic activities of elementary school.

A child learns through play. Through play, children learn to be part of a group, to share, and to become friends. In play children feel the freedom to try new ideas, practice skills and imitate adult roles. All other learning is based on this fundamental ability. The environment is carefully planned and fosters discovery, learning and exploration.

Although we believe a child’s work is play, we are serious about academics, language and math in our program. 

Exclusive Curriculum Features:

S.T.E.M. – In our developmentally appropriate Science, Technology, Engineering and Math program, children participate in scientific inquiry using hands-on exploration and experimentation in an environment that fosters their natural curiosity. They are encouraged to explore, observe, ask questions, predict and reflect on their observations. Read more about what S.T.E.M. can do for your child here.

Coding – Our coding program is the only one of its kind in any preschool in South Palm Beach County! Computer Science teaches logic, problem-solving and fosters creativity. This new form of literacy allows children to plan and give the computer instructions to follow that plan. Coding allows us to create websites, apps, games, and even art. Additional skills gained in early childhood coding include sequencing, code concepts (written language), cause and effect, counting, and left-to-right reading.

Music – Led by the popular “Miss Emily” (Emily Aronoff Teck), children learn about Jewish life and culture through music – including traditional tunes, holiday favorites and even some of Emily’s original songs. When she’s not at B’nai Torah, Emily tours as a professional musician – she has released four albums of kids’ music!

Sports – Children are coached through the basics and explore all their favorite sports in a fun, non-competitive and safety-focused environment. Children learn about camaraderie and teamwork – all while strengthening their gross motor skills and having a ton of fun.

Art – Based on the Reggio Emilia approach, children can immerse themselves in “free art”, choosing how to express themselves through art. From crayons to clay, with paintbrushes or their own two hands – it’s anything goes in the art room where the only thing that’s mandatory is creativity!

Library – Our brilliant librarian helps children explore the extensive selection of age-appropriate books – including secular and religious, fiction and non-fiction, educational and “just for fun” – making this one of our children’s favorite spots in the school!

Hebrew Immersion – Through games, singing, dancing, and even Israeli literature and media, our Hebrew immersion program allows our children to learn the Hebrew language in a natural, fun and engaging way.

Spanish Judaica – Children discover Jewish stories, values and traditions in Spanish. Our unique curriculum is based on the Jewish calendar and celebrates Jewish holidays in the Spanish tradition.  We provide a relevant, fun-filled, hands-on learning environment that fosters self-confidence, curiosity and communication skills in young children.

Israeli Dance – Children learn about Israeli dance and music during this exciting and spirited program that helps teach children to follow directions and promotes physical fitness and group interaction.